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COVID-19 Updates
COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

June 20, 2020


At last the state is beginning to allow various forms of limited visitation.  While there is a lot of information about the virus and much of it changes almost daily, we are very aware that we dare not let our guard down as our population and nursing homes is still the priority areas of contagion and need for continued close control. So as the state issued permission to open up visitation (outside) they also issued orders for policies and procedures to be written that are consistent with their guidelines. These policies also must be available to families and staff. These interim policies have been completed and are effective for implementation as of 6/11/20.

LHM has made provisions available for limited visitation in 3 various methods. All 3 methods must be arranged in advance with Cottage Leadership staff. They are limited to 1 time per week.  There are specific rules for each type. Visitors that come on campus and have a visit where they will need to exit there vehicle for the visit, will be required to be sent to our screening area and a symptom screening will be completed and recorded. The screening will include the following: temperature check, symptom questions, COVID contact questions, travel questions and the visitation agreement document.    The policy and procedure for these visitations are available for review in our screening room. The 3 visitation types are as follows:

1.       The ability to coordinate drive by visitation, where visitors remain in their vehicle.

2.       Window visitation, where the visitor is provided visitation but the resident is in their room or inside while the visitor remains outside.

3.       Outside visitation, where both the visitor and resident are outside but maintaining regulations for social distancing and proper protective face coverings or additional PPEs.

 If you have any questions or concerns please email or call:

Dan Housepian:  (419-972-4369)

Deb Wilburn:  (419-972-4422)

Michelle Tomor: (419-704-8976)

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