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Mission & History

With trust in the Lord, the work began

Luther Home of Mercy Resident

Rev. Max and Lillian Schleicher, founders of Luther Home of Mercy

In 1928 Pastor Max Schleicher and a small group of friends banded together to build the first small cottage in a cornfield in Williston, Ohio. This home would provide care for people, then mostly children, who were living with developmental disabilities. In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s disabilities were poorly understood and often hidden within families. Yet, the need was there and the first cottage was quickly filled to capacity.

As the decades passed many more buildings were added to the Williston campus. Today, on this 25 acre site, Luther Home is licensed to provide round-the-clock care to 97 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In 1999 Luther Home also established community-based services. Today these services include affordable housing, in-home care and day habilitation programs. Operating in four Ohio counties, more than 200 people are served in these programs each day.

Much has changed and evolved since LHM’s humble beginnings nearly 90 years ago. However, today, as it was in 1928, we remain true to our mission of service:

“We are a ministry Enriching Lives and Individual Abilities”

In order to carry out this mission LHM is committed to the following values in all we do:

Faithfulness-LHM expresses its faithfulness to religious values and family through a ministry of service to others.

Stewardship-We practice responsible stewardship of resources available to us and strive for the highest standards of accountability.

Ethical Behavior-Luther Home of Mercy is compassionate, caring and loving while providing services based on professional and ethical standards.

Integrity-LHM is committed to carrying out our professional responsibilities in a manner consistent with our training and experience.

Diversity-We recognize and respect the uniqueness of every individual-resident, client, staff and visitors to our programs.

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