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Lutheran Ministries of Mercy

Sharing Resources Enhancing Lives

In 2013, Filling Homes (FMHM) at Napoleon, Ohio and Luther Home of Mercy (LHM) at Williston, Ohio joined together to form Lutheran Ministries of Mercy.  The organization was officially established by representatives of both legacy organizations (LHM and FMHM) at the annual meeting in July at Zion Lutheran Church of Waterville, Ohio.  Then, in 2015, Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio became the third affiliate of LMM; this motion then ratified at the 2015 annual meeting of the association of congregations. 

The structure of LMM combines governance and executive leadership for the three legacy organizations, all of which will continue – preserving respective identities together with existing licenses, certifications, contracts, etc.  It is not expected, therefore, that residents, clients, families or staff will notice any substantive difference going forward in the day-to-day operations at Filling Home, Luther Home, or Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio. The original partnership formed reduced administrative expenses for the original two organizations without compromising services.  That trend is expected to continue with the addition of LSS to Lutheran Ministries of Mercy.


Like the legacy organizations, Lutheran Ministries of Mercy was established as an Association of Congregations. To date, nearly forty congregations have formally declared membership, assuring a solid foundation for the important ministries strengthened by the creation of Lutheran Ministries of Mercy.

Looking forward, we expect further advancement of ministry as our partnership evolves.  Please continue to pray with us that the Lord will guide and bless Filling Homes, Luther Home of Mercy, and Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio, and their combined witness as Lutheran Ministries of Mercy.

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