Contact Information

5810 N. Main St.
PO Box 187
Williston, OH 43468-0187

Main Switchboard: 419-836-7741

President & CEO: Terri Rodriguez 419-972-4364

Executive Director Emeritus: Rev. Donald Wukotich 419-972-4391

Director of ICF Services: Dan Housepian 419-972-4369

Director of Supported Living: Sue Tate 419-972-4346

Director of Human Resources: Viktoria Jean Mixon 419-972-4370

Admissions and Social Services: Tony Lompis 419-972-4411

Director of Community Habilitation Services: Shelly Coker 419-704-8978

Public Relations: Megan O'Brien 419-972-4436

Volunteers: Arielle Semer 419-972-4431

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